A Beautiful One

15 Nov

Last weekend a group of boys,  a fellow teacher and myself went away on a silent walking weekend.  The first day’s walk was 20 kilometres in the rain.  It was beautiful and silent.  There was no talking for about 6 hours.  The boys, aged 13 – 17, coped wonderfully with the challenge and walked resolutely in the silence and the wet.
The next morning we walked down to a cave area below Binna Burra.  Still in silence.  On the way, a small wallaby sat by the track grazing as we went by, undisturbed.  Behind us was a family with small children.  We ushered the boy whose name was Davey, a bit over 3 years, to a spot to get a good look at the wallaby.  (Unfortunately his photo was a little fuzzy so not here.) His comment was astonishing.
He simply said, ‘ A beautiful one.’
Astonishing because it was a statement of pure delight, without a judgement, without naming, without assessment.  He saw what was there and nothing more. ‘A beautiful one’. His words echo’s God in Genesis when God looked at all that had been created and said, ‘It is good’.
This little boy saw through the eye’s of God and challenges us to do the same. To see all around us, all that has been created, and to recognise, ‘A beautiful one’.  To see things just as they are.
Try it at home, at work and at play.  It will change you.

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