And God Breathed and Laughed

4 May

Taking life too seriously is a health risk. Laughing is a lost art, especially the ability to laugh at your self.

Last weekend my wife and I were in Sydney. On Saturday night we shared a meal with one of Gayes’ very best friends. Over a great meal and a nice bottle of wine we chatted, told stories and laughed, loudly!

When Gaye spoke to her yesterday and asked how she was, she replied “My sides still hurt!”

When was the last time you, your partner and/or your children laughed so much your sides hurt? There is something extremely liberating and freeing about laughter, perhaps it is the way we breathe down deep as we exhale in guffaws which is so therapeutic.

Breathing is essential to our being. In Genesis God breathes and the world including man comes into being. In the beginning of John’s gospel we are reminded of the breath of God in the form of Jesus who is breathed into our world. The last act of Jesus on the Cross was to breathe out. At Pentecost the Spirit of God is breathed on humanity as the empowering act of God.

In the midst of all this God laughs for the breath of God confounds those who take themselves seriously. And God is still laughing. When we laugh deeply from the centre of our being we join the breath of God creating, saving and resurrecting our world.

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