Baseball – at the NY Mets Thru An Aussie's Eyes!

4 Jul

Headed to the baseball for the Mets game and it was POURING DOWN! Thought for certain it would be off. Got there and it stopped, they took off the covers, drained the swimming pool sized ponds and the game started 2 hours late. Watched the Mets get beaten and left at 12.30, they were doing the fireworks after that! Wouldn’t happen in Australia. Someone would complain about the noise! Not New York!. Got the crowded train home. It was a full house on a Wednesday night, 30,000 plus people.

Now the baseball. What happens? Nothing much for a long time, then something for a very short time, and then nothing. It’s like a 16 yr old boy looking for a girlfriend; he takes a lot of swings, hits a lot of foul balls, strikes out most of the time, occasionally gets to first base, may get to second base, and only rarely, very rarely hits a home run! And when he does, the crowd goes wild!

Now having said that, it is difficult to hit that little white ball with a round stick when the bowl is travelling at 97 miles per hour and is thrown from around 20 yards away directly at you (less than a cricket pitch)! I admire the skill of those who can, such as the Mets captain David Wright who hit a home run last night. Their pitcher, Matt Harvey, throws at 96-97 mph consistently. His slow ball is in the mid to late 80’s!

The crowd, the noise, the excitement and the hopeful expectation gets you in, and you find yourself yelling just as much as the die-hard fans when something great happens.

It was a great night out. Thankyou @Mets.

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