Be the Change You Want To See In This Election Year

18 Aug

This week we go to the polls to elect our government for the next 3 years. Somewhere in the midst of the electioneering an important fact has gone missing. This is not about the individual who is our Prime Minister, it is not even about who the party is that’s in power. It is about the common good, i.e. what is good for all who inhabit this country and the country itself.

Lucy from Charlie Brown suggested, ‘Don’t vote it only encourages them.’ I am not suggesting you don’t vote but what Lucy is pointing to is that our individual vote is misinterpreted as a vote for another individual and their wellbeing. She also suggested that ‘It doesn’t matter who you vote for, you always get a politician.’

Regardless of who wins, the outcome is up to us, and I am not talking about Saturday’s poll. I am talking about the changes we want to see. If we want a fairer, more just, more humane country, and hope for the future, then we vote on that every day in how we live, the decisions we make and the examples we give to our children. Very little is achieved by political power especially when that power relies on our ticking the right boxes.

Jesus reminds us that we do, in fact hold the power for change in our lives (see Matthew chapter 5-7 – the Sermon on the Mount) and our school motto (taken from that sermon) reminds us ‘To let our light shine”.

Voting for the common good, not a political party, in the way we live everyday will make a difference.

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