Boys Read If Dad Does

10 Dec

A study by Killian Mullan, a research associate at the Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW, shows in two-parent families the boys who read the most have fathers who also like to read a lot. And the girls who read the most have mothers who read. The definition of reading is 50 minutees a day and it must be visible to the children. It doesn’t matter if it’s the paper or books. Go here for more

Children learn by what they see us do.

Here is the great power of example at work. If we want our boys (and children in general) to develop positive life skills then it behoves us to model these consistently and visibly to them.

The anti-drinking tv ad which shows the progress of a a family of male drinkers uses this concept in the negative. The first father is drinking with his mates around the BBQ and asks his son to get him a beer, the next frame is that son grown up doing the same, and it moves through several generations of one family and the behaviour continues.

Children learn by what we model for them.

It’s a challeneg for us to stay the distance and help them develop good habits, because bad habits die slowly, if in fact they ever really do.

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