Absurd Generosity

23 Sep

Matthew 20.1-16 Many years ago, when I was slimmer, I used to perform this Gospel Reading with an assemble called Ludus. We would mime the process of each group arriving and then the picking of the grapes before turning on … Read More »


9 Sep

(Matthew 18:11-20) It’s time, today, Now, not another Day, week, Month or year. This moment is The only time we have To make the change, Shift the load, Lay the burden down, The colonial memory Empowering privilege for Those who … Read More »

Prayer for Recognition and Voice

1 May

A prayer for use during this year as we move towards the Referendum on Recognition and Voice. Please feel free to use it as you wish. God who listens,  open our hearts to hear the gentle invitation of those without a … Read More »