Absurd Generosity

23 Sep

Matthew 20.1-16 Many years ago, when I was slimmer, I used to perform this Gospel Reading with an assemble called Ludus. We would mime the process of each group arriving and then the picking of the grapes before turning on … Read More »

Why I am Voting Yes

18 Jul

The referendum is not about the Voice as a stand-alone mechanism but the beginning of the process of Voice, Treaty, Truth, and Makarrata which was the method of Recognition agreed upon at all 12 dialogues held with elders and local … Read More »

Persona Nullis

18 Apr

  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are not people. We are not persons. We are not equal to those who came later, and we are not seen by them as existing in their worldview. We are persona nullius. Not a … Read More »