Dealing with Difficult People

5 Feb

I noticed the following topic on a conference agenda, ‘How to deal with difficult people’ and it got me thinking, what if the difficult person is you?

It seems to me that I am the most difficult person I have to deal with. Whenever I find myself in conflict with others and take the time to be still and reflect, I usually discover that I have had more to do with creating the problem than I would care to admit publicly.

You see we spend a lifetime creating our image and story and because that is the case, we believe it to be infallibly true. So, whenever something happens to challenge that sory we resort to attack as the best form of defence, blaming others or anything but ourselves.

Yet, I fear that we fib to ourselves quite a lot, and we spend a lot of time in that Egytian river, denial. If we could but be honest with ourselves we would discover that we are high maintenance and needy, so much so that we use others to fulfil our needs, evenif we do so in a nice way. It takes a lot of courage to face ourselves and commit to deconstructing the story we have taken a lifetime to build aand begn to buld again.

But that is the core of our journey in life, being brave enough to face the most difficult person in our life, ourselves, and having the courage to renew ourselves each time it happens.

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