The Dog Raises The Bar

31 Mar

Remember the dog who races the Harley on my way to work? Well, he has raised the bar.

Over the last few weeks he has rarely participated in our morning ritual choosing instead to sit quietly and watch me as I rode by. But this week it has all changed. He’s back and he has a new game plan.

Instead of waiting on the corner for me to turn into Terranora Road to begin the game he has come up with a strategy to win the race to the top of the hill. He doesn’t wait for me to take off, he begins moving just as I stop. He doesn’t come to the corner but takes off on the diagonal, cutting the corner. On both counts he gets the jump on me and makes me chase him, not the other way around.

I think he cheats. He thinks he wins. You can see the smile on his face as he watches me go by. He seems to be saying; this is my game, and we play it by my rules, not yours.

So it’s not the one with the bigger bike that wins, but the one with the best strategy.

Now, what do I do?

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