Fluffy Grey Bundle of Grace.

15 Mar

Presently reading an excellent book by Terry Hershey called “The Power of Pause” (see links to visit his page/blog).

Terry is on about the importance to pause, to take time out, to smell the roses. His book should be mandatory reading for all over including students studying for their final exams and trying to find some space. It should be compulsory for their parents. It is brilliant (Terry, if you read this, have I given it a big enough plug?)

Friday afternoon I took Monty the dog for a walk and we sat in on the edge of the lake near our house. The bird life was spectacular as was the fish jumping in the late afternoon sun. Around the corner came a family of black swans, a dad and mum resplendent in their deep black regalia and a small fluffy grey cygnet.

They feed quietly along the bank and, as if to show of their prize possession, came right up to the bank where Monty and I was sitting, only a few feet away. They stayed and fed and made sure I got a good look before gliding away as a flotilla of three.

It took my breath away. Awesome in the full sense of that word.

How great it is too share special moments like that, sitting and simply being present to the naked now (another excellent book I am rereading by Richard Rohr – see links for his website).

I did nothing but sit and God revealed his grace, beauty and wonderful creation to me.

I think I will sit some more.

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