Hay, That’s Not Church Music!

5 May

What do you do for
music when you are a small church and singing is a challenge?  Do you persist in singing and watch as
the faithful try but are embarrassed by their efforts? Or is there an
At our church we have
decided that there is an alternative and it is this – we hand the music over to
the professionals.  Today we
invited Mumford & Sons along to share their music with us.  Well, not in person. Via video.
Over the last few
weeks we have had Neil Young, Carole King, Jimmy Cliff, Ed Sherrin, Bobby
McFerrin, the Beatles and more join us for Sunday worship. We have listened and
discussed their lyrics and reflected on the Gospel as it appears in contemporary
thought and music. And it has been a blessing to all.
No longer have we had
to try and sing songs and pretend that it is worship. No longer did we dread
the words, ‘Now, next hymn is….’ When the video comes on we sit back and concentrate
on the music and the lyrics, and receive an additional perspective on the Good
News we came to hear.
For me, the process of
selecting the music is now an enjoyable exploration of contemporary music. And
I have discovered that theology is entwined within the lyrics of some of our most
popular songwriters. It is not all God-less, much of it includes God and the
Christian story, all we need to do is listen to it in the right place and
An added benefit is
that when these songs come on the radio in the car they remind us of the Gospel
and the connection we made when we put the two together in liturgy.
Try it some time. It
For suggestions on
music to use, go to You Call That Church

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