Help for the Spiritual Journey

2 Jun

In a recent discussion it was drawn to my attention that people seek assistance to understand and negotiate their lives.  For me that is also true and as a result I have, over a number of years, sought the help of a Spiritual Director as well as practised the Liturgy of the Hours as two tools to assist my spiritual equilibrium.

Some will ask what is spiritual direction?  Spiritual direction occurs when one person dialogues with another for the specific purpose of deepening their spiritual growth.  A spiritual director is the person who supports another to reflect on and in their spiritual journey.  Spiritual direction often takes place as part of a professional relationship, is regular (monthly) and is instigated by the person seeking support.  It is not counselling or pastoral care but is explicitly spiritual and moves along at the pace and initiative of the individual seeking direction.  It is not about finding someone to give you the answers but about finding someone to journey with you.  
Spiritual direction is something I offer as a member of the Australian Network for Spiritual Direction and do so for a number of people.  For those within the St Jude’s community this is offered at no cost as  normal part of my ministry.  Please feel free to contact me if you wish to explore this for yourself.
Others will ask what is the Liturgy of the Hours?  For Anglicans it is Morning and Evening Prayer, for others from say the Catholic domain it involves a number of others times of prayer.  Saying Morning and Evening prayer connects us to God and the myriad of other Christians around the world who follow this discipline, it confirms in us that our faith is more than simply a Sunday ‘thing’ and it gives us a disciplined approach to prayer. The order for such services are to be found in the Prayer Book.  For those who would like a more modern approach I suggest you go to the following link for a number of options.  I find that also helpful –

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