Humans Behaving Badly

18 Jun

Looking at this weeks headlines I wonder what is happening in our world including:
Mark McInnes (CEO of David Jones)resigns over inappropriate behaviour (with female staff member).
Andrew Johns, Robert DiPierdomenico and Mal Brown inappropriate racial statements.
The verbal bullying between Government and mining industry.
Revenge murder of the mother of a driver involved in a car accident resulting in death.
Violence during the state of origin footy match which went unpunished by the officials and applauded by others.
And thats without looking at what is going on in the international arena.
And more.

No wonder we have a problem with bullying and inappropriate behaviour from our children.

The big question for all the big people (I mean adults) in the world is: what are you doing to arrest this problem? How do you model behaviour? What is it that your children see and hear every day they are with you?

How do you speak about others, deal with authority, understand difference and diversity and exemplify the type of behaviour you want your children to have?

If there are school rules, road rules, accepted standards of behaviour required by society, do you uphold these and support those who are responsible for them?

In a conversation with a group of boys the other day I asked: “Is it o.k. to disrespect others?”, they predictably answered yes. I repeated the question three times, the last time they stood still and said nothing. It was then I said, “I think the answer is yes because your behaviour says loudly I do not respect you, so it is obviously o.k. to disrespect others.”

And despite our willingness to blame every thing from computer games, movies, music and ‘them’ (who ever they are), the buck stops with those of us who has responsibility for them: not just parents but parents in the first instance (it’s part of the job description), but all adults who have some influence over their lives.

It’s time to look into the mirror and do something about what we see.

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