Life is a Journey

14 Sep

I apologise to all for the lack of posts.  Life has been hectic at the home of redshoewalking lately.  Family illnesses have taken time away from blogging!

How quickly the years come around!  We are now at the end of another senior school graduating class and I am left wondering where the time went.  I know they are.

For some it is a very interesting time, especially those who have spent the last 13 years at school, almost all their remembered life.  Friendships, achievements, failures, shared tragedies, exciting times and more have been wrapped up in one place, one group of friends, one culture – the school.

What happens now?  Now when the familiar falls away and they are exposed to a world which is unfamiliar, challenging, strange and unknown. Where they are the unknown not the known, the new person finding their way not the experienced one who knows’ how everything works, the person without friends having lost touch with those they went to school with but a few weeks ago, and more.

Life is a journey not a destination, and these young people  are discovering this, often with mixed emotions, feelings of trepidation and excitement. We wish them well, knowing from our own experience some where off in the past, that while it feels like the end, it isn’t, while it feels like a new beginning, it isn’t. It is a continuation of theirs and our becoming who we are meant to be, discovering where we belong and learning what we offer to our world.

It is just another step in a journey we began before we were born, and will go on living long after we are born again.

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