Joy – the engine which powers our lives.

2 Jun

Sitting in my office at home I look out across a park which is full of young school children and puppy dogs running free. It is a scene of unbridled joy, the simple joy of being alive and free to do and become what ever you can dream of. Whatever happens in the future will be a challenge but right now, at this moment in their lives, all is possible, everything is there simply for them to reach and grasp it.

Joy is the engine which powers our lives. Suddenly, post another 50+ birthday I get it.  Nothing has changed.  All is still achievable, dreams can still be dreamed and lived.  The key? Joy of life.  The joy of being here, now and breathing in and out.  Only death can prevent us from being all we want to be.  Not swine flu, global financial crisis, ill health or whatever, only death.  Because while we can breathe we can still dream and enjoy the act of each breath and what it allows us to do.
8 years ago I had lost almost everything.  I stood in the ashes of a career, a business and watched as my house and all the trappings of success were taken away.  All I had was myself and my wonderful wife Gaye and our daughter Katrina.  I wondered how I would go on, what would happen next.
Yet 8 years later life has fulfilled my dreams in ways I never could have imagined. I became ordained as a deacon in the Anglican church, achieved commendations and success in work with young people and within the RAN, have finished my post graduate studies withe the Masters to be finished this year, invited to study at the Marcel Marceau School of Mime, spent a week in Taize and Assisi, went to Rome and am now on my way to the USA to  a conference on my interest (and some would say spiritual father) Thomas Merton.  All I could not have imagined 8 years ago!!!
Life is indeed a joy and gives joy.  It is indeed joy, not happiness or security or certainty which gives me hope.  Joy in my relationship with God through Jesus Christ which says that despite all, and all in all, all will indeed be well.  And it has.
Joy in the noise of young people running free in the park, roses in the garden and faces in the street – joy in each breath which says I am still present and in the presence of joy itself.  Life is awesome for its source is awesome and that source is the eternal joy who is our creator, redeemer and sustainer.

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