Leadership – Not Something You Talk About, But Something You Do!

1 Mar

Our school is blessed with great leaders, and I am not just talking about the teachers (although they are fantastic too!). I am referring to our year 11 & 12 students who don’t just talk about being leaders but lead.

With the new look chapel in place and between 30 and 90 students being in the space every lunchtime, I have had my hands full. When I put the call out for senior students to supervise the new space at lunchtimes, 17 hands went up. 17 young people are willing to give up their lunchtimes to supervise and mentor the younger students who use the new space. That’s leadership in action and we need to applaud them.

We are also running a fortnightly activity for years 5 & 6 in the chapel. Again some 10 year 12’s volunteered to lead this group, running the activities and promoting the event. 60 year 5 & 6 students came the first day! Again leadership in action.

If we just watched the evening news we could be fooled into thinking ill of the younger generation (gen Y or gen next). We would be wrong. On the whole, they are enthusiastic, keen, responsible and respectful, especially those who attend our school.

Take the time to encourage them, they deserve it.

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