Let Your Light Shine

6 Feb

14th February is the day for all in love, who wish to be in love or have been in love. Valentine’s Day remind us of the importance of those special people in our lives. Red roses, chocolates and champagne accompany romantic dinners for 2.

Yet February 14 is also the beginning of Random Acts of Kindness Week. You know, those little things we do for others and others do for us that we don’t have to do but do. Open the car door, smile, say hello, let someone go before you in the queue at the checkout counter, tidy your room and more.

The stuff we take for granted, but shouldn’t.

Well, in the week of the 14th we are asked to be mindful of doing Random (Unexpected) Acts of Kindness for others. The challenge is to do so without expecting any one to notice or to applaud you. As a well known brand says, ‘Just do it’.

Our school motto from Matthew 5 is ‘Let your light shine’. Random Acts of Kindness is that in action.

For more information go here: www.randomactsofkindness.org

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