Living in the Now

18 Dec

Two incidents this week have caused me to think deeply about how we live our lives. On Tuesday a good friend who I enjoyed many great times with passed away. Last night I received a phone call to tell me that my best friend’s brother has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.

I don’t know about you but moments like these do indeed force me to look ore closely at the kind of life I lead. Am I busy doing the things that are good while the things that are important simply receive no attention at all? Family, friends, stuff I value and enjoy, the things that make a difference are sacrificed for the immediate, the urgent, those things we think we need to do to remain valued and valuable in life.

While I understand the importance of work, income and satisfaction, is there not a small possibility that the value and time we place on these things is actually more than they deserve?

I watch people who have been financially wise for the future unable to enjoy life now, others strive for great success in work or sport and miss out on the good stuff which simply passes them by.

The interesting thing about both these (and other incidents) is that they were unexpected; they happened while we were busy planning for life. Life is to be lived now and can not be put off. This is not suggesting Hedonism but it is suggesting attending to now, and now to those things that matter. Not putting off until tomorrow the hugs, kisses, adventures, time out etc we can do now. Just do it now.

People do not remember you for what you were planning to do, but what you have done and are doing now.

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