Living the Monastic Life – My Mother and Dementia

2 Oct
I visited my mum this last week. Wow, what a surprise. When Dad died we knew Mum had dementia but we were not sure just how badly she was affected. 
To ensure things went as well as could be expected we took preventative action.

My brother placed notes in prominent places around the house. Above the stove, reminding her to turn it off. By the door, reminding her to keep it locked. All windows and places of access were given extra security. A comprehensive list of contacts, service providers and emergency numbers were blu-tacked above the telephone.  The local Meals-on-Wheels were arranged to provide meals several days a week.  The Community nurses came, assessed her needs and agreed to visit everyday for an hour or so, just to keep a check on here.  She agreed to go to the weekly memory group and would be picked up for church on Sundays and, whenever possible, on Wednesdays.  A community worker would take her shopping each week.
We  hoped all this would work, but we were unsure of the outcome. Yes, we held our collective breath.

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