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18 Jul
Over a long period of time I have become very interested in the matters of men – what affects, how they find their way from boys to men and what it means to be make in our society. Most of us blokes end up as men but we are often not sure where that is and what it really looks like.
Over the next few months I intend to explore the journeys men take and what it means to be a man both on this blog and through monthly Blokes Breakfasts at St Jude’s Randwick (that’s in Australia). Due to my background this is both a spiritual and a natural task, looking at men from an wholistic viewpoint.
It also comes with a personal rider, I am doing this for myself and all the men like me who seemed to miss out on the necessary direction from our own fathers and the men in our society as we grew up. This is about finding ways to be men and fathers in such a way that future generations do not have to struggle so hard to make sense of it all.
We begin tomorrow Saturday 18th @ 8.30a.m. Come on along (106 Avoca St randwick) or simply post to my blog – I want to hear your stories and ideas, experiences and hourneys – becuase the power of story can never be underestimated.

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