New Beginnings

1 Feb

Back to school is a time of new beginnings. This week in chapel we have been looking at the idea of beginning again in light of the tragic floods which have been experienced across our country. The question is, how do we start again when something completely unimagined breaks in upon our lives? Events such as natural disasters, unexpected illness, relationship breakdowns and more come upon us in ways which leave us a little unbalanced and out of shape.

Yet we have to keep on going, finding ways to rebalance our lives and begin again.

We do so when we understand that we are not alone, that others, God included, share our pain and disruption and that we begin again by concentrating on what needs to be done now. It is about being mindful that all journeys begin with one step following after the other, and that the step we take now is the step that matters.

We can not remake the past nor can we manufacture the future. All we can do is live this moment now to the best of our ability, not worrying about outcomes, just about staying in the game. We will stumble and sometimes fall, but as long as we get up we have hope, develop courage and grow character.

New beginnings? No big deal. It’s all about staying in the game called life and if we play it all the way to the end we come out on top.

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