New York – Here I Come!

7 Jun
Monday 10 June I fly out to enjoy 4 weeks in New York and Louisville, Kentucky. 
The purpose? Well, I am presenting a paper at the 13th international Thomas Merton Meeting in Fairfield, New York before undertaking some research at both Bellarmine and Columbia Universities on the man himself. That in itself is exciting as I have only read about him and his material from others. Here is a chance to see his handwriting, watch how the words fit the page and get an insight into the man himself.
I am also spending 3 nights out at Gethsemane where he spent his monastic life. While not wanting to sound over the top, this will also give a further sense of Merton and what influenced is thinking and writing.
I plane to update this as regularly as possible while away so, watch this space.

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