Now For Something Completely Different!

8 Dec

Monty Python irreverently took a TV generation on a journey of comedy and social comment in a manner and style completely different to what they had been used to. In a crazy kaleidoscope of sketches, cartoons and and zany antics, they bombarded the viewer with a new paradigm in comedy, one I would dare to suggest has not been surpassed since. Kenny Everett and the Goodies went close, although one could argue they were but disciples of Monty Python, not explorers of new territory.
History shows that human beings like the status quo and will resist any attempts to change from what has served them well. This is the case, it seems , whether you are talking about the big picture or in terms of individuals. People do not like to change what they believe, what they think they believe and what has become habitual. It is for it always has been and therefore there is no need to accept or embrace this new thing, whatever it maybe. Habits of thought and practice, be they personal, institutional or societal, often require a cathartic experience or a lengthy debate, sometimes both, before they are changed.  Look at slavery, race and gender based issues for example. Something completely different rarely comes without a struggle.
Over the last few weeks I have been reflecting on both – faith and education.  Both have had an accepted worldview which is, and has been for sometime, challenged by new ways of thinking and doing.  Both are struggling to make the transition from the known to the unknown, from the accepted to the something completely different.
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