On Becoming

5 May

John 15:8:- “My Father is glorified by this, that you bear much fruit and become my disciples.”

“Old English: discipul (fem. discipula), 
Biblical borrowing from Latin discipulus “pupil,” from *discipere “to grasp intellectually, analyze thoroughly,” from dis- “apart” (see dis-) + capere “take” (see capable).”

Become my disciple –Become someone who grasps thoroughly who I am and what I have told you, and who will always be my pupil. It is a contractual, contingent and continuing relationship. 

A disciple is one who goes on learning. The fruit of such learning is transformative intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically. The fruit is found through an intimate and imaginative connection to the truth being taught.

 It is experienced and lived
 It is thought and processed
 It is embraced and judged
 It is mystery and surprise to be held in question 

On going learning: Jesus had a grasp of the lifelong learner long before it became educational speak. You do not just become a disciple, you are always becoming a disciple.  Each new learning is unlearnt and learnt again, in a new and surprising way so that you can never be comfortable in your relationship with God. That was the experience of Peter, Thomas and Paul, just a few examples.
Where do you learn to be a disciple:
Bible ​​​- from the canon of texts
Life ​​​- from the canon of experience
Others ​​- from the canon of relationship
Self ​​​- from the canon of reflection and self awareness
Engagement​​- from the  canon of compassion
Education ​​- from the canon of intellectual endeavor and critique
Abandonment ​- from the canon of faith – Job.
Eucharist as the act of a disciple:
Learning through the story
Learning through the elements
Learning through the act

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