9 Sep

(Matthew 18:11-20) It’s time, today, Now, not another Day, week, Month or year. This moment is The only time we have To make the change, Shift the load, Lay the burden down, The colonial memory Empowering privilege for Those who … Read More »

Say Yes!

18 Jul

Sermon – Christ Church South Yarra Genesis 27:1-40 Yiradhu marang (Good day) Dyiramadilinya badhu Wiradjuri. (I am proud to be Wiradjuri) Yuwin ngadhi Glenn Loughrey (My name is Glenn Loughrey) Ngadhu banhi-gu gulbarra Wurrundjeri/Boonarong mayiny-galang ngan-gu ngurambang-ga nginha ngan-girra Dhurinya … Read More »

Why I am Voting Yes

18 Jul

The referendum is not about the Voice as a stand-alone mechanism but the beginning of the process of Voice, Treaty, Truth, and Makarrata which was the method of Recognition agreed upon at all 12 dialogues held with elders and local … Read More »