29 Jan

Well, I am finally able to bring you all up to speed on the happenings since we left St Jude’s.

After 2 heavy days on the ride (bottom sore), we arrived in Tweed Heads and stayed our first night in the dodgiest motel in town. (The only one who would take young Monty!).

We rocked up at the house to be greeted by the carriers, broken furniture and missing boxes! Fortunately we had arranged unpackers and this took some of the stress off. By dinner time the house was almost fully unpacked and we could sit down. Club life up here seems integral to people’s existence so we ate out at the clubs thiose first few nights.

I have started at the school and it is very exciting. My second day at the school (19 Jan) I conducted a eucharist which was a great success. The red shoes, rednose and the Harley have been important to my settling in, not only with the students but the teachers! A number of teachers ride motorbikes so the first sunday here i went off with 60 bikers for a half day ride!! Great stuff!

The students have all been introduced to me and it’s fun to watch them checking out which pair of red shoes I am wearing each day (I mix them up).

Have also settled into St Cuthbert’s which is very different to St Jude’s. I will be beginning the Sunday Services at The Evangelist Chapel at the Maher’s Lane Campus on Sunday 14th February. That will be very exciting.

So we have survived the move and hope all out there in blog land are well.

Be sure to email me and let me know what is happening.

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