RedShoes to Be Ordained A Priest

19 Sep

Hi to every body out there.

I just want to share the exciting news – RedShoes (aka Glenn Loughrey) is going to be ordained as a priest; yes that’s right, after all the drama of the last 5 years it’s finally going to happen.

The Bishop of Grafton has agreed to ordain me as a priest in the Grafton Cathedral on Saturday 5th December at 10am. All are invited to be there to share this auspicious occasion with Gaye and I.

Over the last 6 weeks I have had to struggle with leaving the wonderful people of St Jude’s @ Randwick who have allowed me the space to be myself, with uprooting Gaye one more time (19 moves in 30 years!) and taking her away from the Sydney Philharmonia Festival Chorus and her beloved Opera House and much more.

Yet I could not continue to put God off seeing I was called to be a priest when I was 12, I think his patience was running out and he made an offer I couldn’t refuse. We both feel at peace with the decision to be priested and to move out of the Big Smoke.

I thank everybody for their support and prayers over the years and look forward to having it continue as I take on this new challenge.

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