Rochester Update.

14 Jun

Well today is the last day of the 11th International Thomas Merton Conference.  It has gone so fast.  Spending time in the shadow of Merton with scholars and ordinary folks like myself has been amazing.  The information has been great in the sessions but it has been the time in between which has been truly amazing.  

Catching up and networking with people I have only read about or seen on dust covers of books has been truly wonderful.  It seems that the spirit of Merton and his own ability to dialogue is very much at the core of all this.  I have developed and enjoyed dialogue with pious seekers from all over the world.  
This sense of hospitality imbues Merton and imbues the organisation set up in his memory.  I have not met people so open and free to share themselves and to deeply hear another as those here.  It has been a blessing and has changed my life in so many ways.
Today a group of us will travel to Genesee to the Monastry for afternoon prayers and spend sometime in Letchworth Park – the Grand canyon of the North West.
More Later.

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