Sam Macharia

12 Dec

As you are aware, this last week of school has been a difficult one. The loss of Sam Macharia is a blow to all and has been keenly felt by the school community.

Each one of us who knew Sam will find ourselves struggling with the reality of his loss in our own way, but being a part of the school community will remind us that we are not doing so alone. This week has demonstrated the depth and strength of the Lindisfarne communitry and shown just how we rally to support each other.

Over the next few days it is important to be aware of how our young people are feeling and to be sensitive to their response to the news about Sam. Be open and honest about your feelings and take the opportunitry to speak to them, mindful to allow them time and space to do so when they wish to.

I have been encouraged by how they have dealt with the news, finding ways to express their grief, support one another and the family and to be involved in the process at every stage. Our children have not been afraid to express their emotions and that is a good thing. As we trust them to continue to do so they will grow through this tragic time, becoming stronger and more resilient people in doing so.

On another note, there will be a Christmas service in the chapel on Christmas eve @ 6.30pm. All are welcome and this would also be a positive experience for the school community to gather together and share in worship and prayer. Hope to see you all there.

I wish you all a holy and safe Christmas and look forward to seeing you all soon.
Father Glenn

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