Sandakan Death March

26 Sep

AT 10 minutes to 1 on the 27th (tomorrow) I fly out with 2 students, an ex- student and a father to join 4 other students and a number of teachers and partners from Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School to undertake the Sandakan Death March in Borneo.

This promises to be a challenging yet exciting event, tracing the footsteps of 2,500 soldiers of whom only 6 lived to tell their story. The rest died on the march between May and June 1945.

Students are walking on behalf of some of those who died. I am walking on behalf of the 5 Indigenous Australians who died their represented by Corporal John ‘Jacky’ Jackson who died of malaria at Sandakan.

I hope to blog my experience when technology allows, so watch this space.

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