Through The Eyes of a Child

1 Apr

Yesterday we held our Easter story chapel service and it was incredible. 150 year 5 & 6 students took part in the presentation of the Easter story from Palm Sunday to Good Friday, and the result was spellbinding.

It had everything from a female Judas in one scene to a female Jesus in another. Each class prepared a section of the Easter story and presented it in their own style. All were connected by an excellent narrator and, as a result, became an effective whole. Each scene comprised a new group of actors who picked up where the last scene finished and continued the story.

It climaxed with a subtle but very moving crucifixion scene. And there was hardly a dry eye in the place, which was amazing since the audience manly comprised year 9 -12 students. Parents left the room afterwards moved by the 45 minute production.

It had everything good education should have: imagination, wonder, mystery and surprise. it captured people’s attention right where they were. It was soul food, full of enchantment and holy innocence and made an incredible impact on all, including myself.

It was an example of how the student teaches the teacher while the teacher thinks they are teaching the student. It was about how our children are much more than the familiar kids we live and work with and contain a depth and insight we often fail to see. Education, as life, is a partnership and this was one of those moments when we learnt from them.

It was the first such passion play. It won’t be the last.

A wonderful Easter surprise!

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