9 Sep

(Matthew 18:11-20)

It’s time, today,

Now, not another

Day, week,

Month or year.

This moment is

The only time we have

To make the change,

Shift the load,

Lay the burden down,

The colonial memory

Empowering privilege for

Those who won, took,

Dispossessed and genocide-ed

Those who were

Sovereign custodians

Kin of all nurtured,

Cultivated and grazed,

On the place(s) they

Called home.


It is time to

Loose the bonds

Binding us together

In this toxic quagmire

Of untruths hidden

In the myths of becoming

We repeat mantra like

To ourselves and any one

Who cares to listen.


It is time to

Untie the shackles

Of the original sin,

The stealing of

Another’s place,

The world’s best practice

Of annihilation and genocide,

Refined in coloniality and

Modernity, inflicted on

Innocence, plague-like

Emasculation of cultures

Millenia old,

Peoples contemporary

To their age,

Disappeared in

The burning brush fire of



It is time to

Face the elephant

Stolidly present in

The pages of our history,

Prostrating ourselves

Before the Creator Spirit

Whose land and people

We have destituted,

Repenting the actions

Of others whose

Shoulders we ride

The gravy train of privilege

At the expense of

Those who have lost

Everything –

Sovereignty, rights, lives

Children and dignity.


In repentance

We loose the bonds and


Not to do so

Tautens the thorns

Binding our estrangement.


It’s time.

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