The Unremarkable Son

25 Sep

AT the recent breakfast for Blokes we looked at the Middle SOn in the Prodigal SOn story. He was the responsible son identified by being:

Unremarkable – he was the responsible one who always did the right thing. he didn’t do anything which brought him into the limelight. He simply was a good kid.

UnRewarded- He was not noticed so he wasn’t remembered. It is true in life and in families that those who stand out and achieve success or notoriety gain our attention and our reward.

UnFinished – he still had more to do yet he felt that there was no point, no one was encouraging him so he simply stayed and kept on being responsible.

This situation is common and often within each of us is that same sense that we do what we do and no-one notices and no-one cares if we have dreams and hopes as yet unfinished.

The challengr for us who are parents and mentors is to notice all of of those in our care and to support and remember them. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in amongst all the other stuff and overlook all those who need our support.

For ourselves? It is important that we notice who we are and what we need and take positive steps to achieve a greater sense of our own value, to ourselves and to others.

Also Waren provided and excellent breakfast – something completely different to the norml men’s breakfast!!! He remined us that men do not always value and spoil themselves and we ought to. On that theme the final breakfast in November will be a mini-degustation breakfast courtesy of him and Ian. More information later!

Next Month – Saturday 19th October

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