Wyclef Jean "The Carnival Begins"

20 Jun

Last night in New York had the privilege of being in the audience for Wyclef Jean's "The Carnival Begins" at B.B.Kings in Times Square. Wyclef, for those unfamiliar with him, is a Haitian rappper and hip hop artist who recently ran for President of Haiti.

The show was a powerful expression of the musicality and poetry of rap and hip hop. While the high sound and energy sometimes masks the sophistication of the art form, the talent required to transmit it to his listeners is evident for those who listen closely. Wyclef encapsulates the highest form of his art.
Wyclef's stage presence, professionalism and synchronicity with his audience explodes on stage. Yet his generosity in sharing the stage and deflecting the focus on to his co-performers, artists he is mentoring and guiding, is examplary. Watching the stage, his genuine concern for these young artists is visible on his face and in his eyes in unguarded moments.

The presence of the Haitian soccer team was a coup. Great show of national pride and support. It was an example of the man's heart for his people which no doubt endears him to all who get to meet him.

For me, this was so far from where I live, a room full of people whom I would appear to have little in common with yet with whom I share a deep sense of longing and hope. Humanity may be a little crazy but there is a better day coming!

Thanks @Wyclef for a great experience.

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