18 Jan

Watching the news, reading the newspapers and following social media, it has been hard to miss the apparent rising incidents of alcohol fuelled violence. Young men have died because other young men have attacked and killed them, often without reason.

All the discussion about how to stop it have ranged from stronger laws, more police and more education aimed at those who are at greatest risk. Yet we seem to have ignored the role alcohol plays in our culture. The role it plays in the lives of almost every average Australian, male and female has been ignored. Is there any reason for celebration or commiseration that does not involve alcohol? Having your first drink and getting drunk is an Australian rite of passage.

It is time to change the culture.  How?

Be the change you want to see (Ghandi). It is up to you and me, gentlemen. Our children model their behaviour on ours. Let’s set the example.

Join me in #yearwithoutalcohol.

I enjoy a red wine as much as anyone but I have also suffered and caused others suffer because of a dependent relationship with alcohol. I have decided the best thing I can do to change the culture is to change my own.

This will be MY #yearwithoutalcohol.

Imagine if governments went a year without alcohol taxes and sports teams, the arts and entertainment events went without alcohol sponsorship? What a message that would give!

Join me by following the hashtag and placing a comment here.

We can make a difference!

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